Press Release:
Asia Art Archive in America
Asia American Arts Aliance (A4)

Behind the aesthetics of plastic products is the simple understanding of life, which is formed in the accumulation of time as unconscious collective originality and collective memory, akin to a “contemporary folk art” mass produced by industry. They are fraud-free formulas and symbols without purpose.

These ubiquitous objects are simultaneously prevalent and marginalized, but Yulin absorbed them into her artistic practice. The raised or recessed centers in plastic structures symbolize the birth process, resembling lovely navels left behind by industrially produced mothers for their offspring. By puncturing these centers and stringing them together, she achieves balance and performs a metaphorical act of cutting umbilical cords.

She finds warmth and harmony in the chaos of life, its colored plastic, and her balancing act.

Plastic baskets for washing vegetables and fruits in Asian family;
Plastic Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl;
Plastic egg tart mold;
Small plastic fans used in Chinese wet markets to repel flies;
Hooks for plastic hangers;
Plates used in Chinese restaurants in Chinatown;
Dolphin Gummy; Plastic Beads for Disney Princess Necklaces;
Plastic cups and bowls for Chinese sacrificial offerings;
Pvc sheet used as shower curtain or door curtain;
Ribbon; Needle;
Fishing line.

installation view of Seal the Fog at Tutu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY